Blackpool / Bournemouth time out with mama


Blackpool is a fun place. Perfect for families. It’s the number one seaside destination in England. There is a Pleasure Beach, and one can ride on ride on the ‘Big One’, or race your friends on the ‘Grand National’. Smaller children will love Nickolodean Land where they can meet Dora the Explorer and friends. There is also Blackpool Tower to explore, and during August and September one can see the One Mile famous Illuminations that is synonymous with this tourist area. It’s a huge attraction to British people.

Blackpool is also a popular destination for honeymooners. My mother went there on hers. She was very fond of dancing, and there were many venues she could go to enter competitions. My mother also loved the sea, and if she didn’t have a secure job at the Birmingham Assay Office, I’d reckon she would have settled in a sea-side town somewhere in Britain. She grew up in Wexford, the Sunny South East of Ireland that boast some of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. My mother also once toyed with the idea of going to Australia because of the wonderful outdoor life. I too adore the sea. I know it harks back to my time as a child when I went to Brittas Bay in Co. Wicklow. The seaside meant sheer freedom to me, having been cooped up for most of the year in a Dickensian child prison at Goldenbridge.

My mother was determined to bring me to Blackpool, as she wanted me to savour memories of where she went on her honeymoon. She also felt that it would be the ideal opportunity place to try to get to know me as her daughter. We had a terrific time on the beach. We stayed at the mid-centre part of the beach seen in photograph above. The Blackpool Tower was behind us in the distance. I did have photographs of us taken on a horse and carriage, and in an eaterie, which just dawned on me as I was writing now. My mother was always very kind to me. She showered me with gifts and money all the time. I think it was her way of trying to make up to me for the past. All she ever wanted from me, was something like a bar of soap for Christmas. She didn’t want me spending money on her. She said that my happiness would be the biggest gift to her in the world. Unfortunately, that was psychologically and emotionally way too much to expect, as I was far too damaged. I know she felt guilty about how my life had not panned out, as she would have hoped. Anyway, we put that behind us whilst at the seaside.

My idea of the seaside in Britain was vastly different to my mother’s. I preferred the more sedate type of sea-side such as Bournemouth. It’s also fantastic news that both Boscombe Pier and Bournemouth Pier have won Seaside Awards.


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