Taoiseach at Seamus Heaney’s funeral, Donnybrook


It was not long after this photo was taken in the aftermath of the funeral of Seamus Heaney, that I got a tap on the shoulder by an official, and was told to move out of the way, that I was too close to the taoiseach with the camera. I got brazen. I told said official that I knew the Taoiseach, and that I had intended shaking hands with him. I guess I was too close for comfort, as a woman said to me later, that not even the professionals were as close to the V.I.P., as I had been indeed. I had been standing outside at the same spot before the crowds had emerged from the church at Donnybrook. So, I didn’t think there was a problem.

I did get to shake hands with Enda Kenny. He was very gentle and kind. He knew me from my campaigning days. He held my hand and stroked it for quite a time. I know that he has a soft spot for survivors of Industrial ‘Schools’.


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