Venie / Shah / Ophelia at ‘Empowering Women’ Dublin June, 2013

P1190251The photo of Dr. Venie Martin, Shah Nawaz and Ophelia Benson was taken on the corridor outside main hall on last day of ‘Empowering Women’ conference. OB tells me that Shah is a student of Dr. Venie Martin | Waterford Academy of Education. (Adore DIT’s website lay-out. Excellent scenic photos with Tall Ships on Waterford Harbour to boot.)

In passing conversation, Venie said to me that a building belonging to a religious order had been purchased, I think, by the Waterford Institute. I’m not sure, and that they never knew at the time the history behind it. I’m surmising that it may have been an Industrial “School”?! I would have liked to have engaged in further discussion with Venie, as she was very approachable and kind. As for Shah, well, as one can witness here, he was gleaming with delight from ear to ear at meeting an American co-author conference speaker.



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