Elevatorgate / Liftgate with a history

P1190367I’m not ordinarily so into taking photos of lifts. However, this one may have a history surrounding it. So I thought, well… why ever not, snap away. This was after it had been pointed out to me whilst standing beside it, that this lift invariably was where the furore of “Hey guys, don’t do that…” first erupted.

One only has to mention the mere name of “elevatorgate” in the atheist online community, and everyone knows it’s synonymous with Rebecca Watson.


2 thoughts on “Elevatorgate / Liftgate with a history

  1. OB: I just put this photo up. However, I got photos of the two lifts. It’s to be told, yet, which one caused the Elevatorgate / Liftgate uprising. The latter of which you know has seeped deep into the conscientiousness of countless atheists and freethinkers in the blogosphere.

    Yes, the lift here is smaller than the one beside it. It’s small enough to probably make one feel cramped? :)! Just speculating.

    The reason for taking the lift photos was because of actually not having seen any online. It was also a spur of the moment thing, when you pointed out to me in passing conversation, that that was where it had all began, as we were standing beside the lifts at the conference. An opportunistic moment.

    Seeing that it’s geographically convenient for me, I’d often thought of going to the hotel at the height of the uprising to get some snapshots. Just to create a real live image for folk to identify with regarding the scenario that took on a life of its own.

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