Farhana Shakir / Nina Sankari “Empowering Women” Dublin 2013

P1190149This is such a sweet gem of a photo of Farhana and Nina. It was taken nearby the infamous lift? But, I shan’t go there right now. I talked a wee bit to Farhana whilst in the throes of taking the photo. She told me that she was from Pakistan, and was now happily domiciled in Ireland. I told her that I was cognisant of Pakistan because of years of reading butterfliesandwheels.org. See: links below. I mentioned about having the height of respect for Malala, as she had put her life on the line to be educated in her country. Farhana knew the North Western territory very well (little Switzerland), and was also very near where Malala resided. I would love to have talked more. I told her that I was in literacy education, and that Malala also gives older adults like me, who were never given the opportunity in the past to be educated, great encouragement to keep at it. I had to be wary of not over-stressing her with too much information, as she was perhaps tired after her talk. I also had a wee chat with Nina. I knew she was from Poland because of having had the pleasure of listening to her very interesting talk.

The photo was taken in the immediate aftermath of both their talks. They were feeling rather elated and contented, and were chuffed when I asked if they’d like to do the honour of allowing me to graciously take a photo of them. They’d already been snapped by many others with iPhones. I wanted to practice my photography skills with the amateur camera by getting in on the act.



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